Colsac Skiers partnered with MindWorks Photography this year to create photos and videos of the Wednesday Adaptive Ski Lessons at Brittingham Park in Madison. These images - both still and moving - tell an amazing story of courage, growth and fun for the adaptive skiers and volunteers alike. Both Colsac Skiers and MindWorks Photography want the images to be available to the skiers, volunteers and supporters who made this wonderful summer happen. Today we’re proud and happy to announce that it’s a “done deal”. Together we’re sponsoring the gift of all the season’s images as free downloads to you who made the season so rich. We hope that you enjoy these keepsakes of your time on the water. Smiles, confidence and joy abound when the stories of your summer are remembered, cherished and shared.

Here are the technical details:
• Start at this link:
• Select the date that you’d like to see
• Select the skier you’d like to see
• Click on one of the thumbnails to enlarge it
• In the upper left corner will be a Menu button which will include a link called Download
• Hover over the Download Link and you'll get 2 options: One downloads just the image you selected and the other downloads all of the images in the folder

Prints and custom highlights videos remain available from MindWorks Photography.

Travis (Colsac Skiers) and Carol (MindWorks Photography) wish you all the best until we meet again to ski on!