2/10/2014 Women's Club Luncheon2/27/2014 State of the City Supersized3/21/2014 Essay Contest at Library5/14/2014 Muskego Health & Wellness and Mayor's Chairs5/15/2014 Art Chair - Curves5/22/2014 Artistic Adirondack at Waukesha State Bank5/26/2014 Memorial Day Ceremony5/27/2015 Artful Adirondack at Muskego Warehouse Beer & Liquor6/2/2014 3 Chairs-Willow Tree Cafe-San Laurio-Firestone6/5/2014 Artful Adirondack at Thompson Dental6/9/2014 Artful Adirondack at Horn BrothersArtful Adirondacks