MindWorks Photography/Image Dreams Studios | Frequently Asked Questions

While this will be a multi use page, right now it's for the show skiers.

Q: Will you send me a disk with my images and video?

A: No. You will download your images and video from my web site


Q: Who can access and download the digital (download) package we purchased?

A: Anyone. Everyone.  I do require that you register with your name and email to access the images and video. After that, you download what you want of what you purchased.


Q: Can I print the still images I purchased in the digital (download) package?

A: Yes.  If you print at home, there's nothing to do but print. If you use a printer (Shutterfly, Mpix [my recommendation], Walgreens, etc.) you will need a release from me.  Email your request to cschlintz@MindWorksPhotography.com. Include your full name, and the date and event that you want to print.


Q: Can I use the still images I purchased in the digital (download) package on social media (e.g. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn)?

A: Yes!


Q: Are the images Watermarked?

A: Yes. A small, faint watermark is in the lower right of every image.


Q: May I remove the watermark?

A: I can't stop you. I would prefer for you to keep it there - it's not distracting. For printing and social media cropping is often necessary and may cut it out. We understand that this cannot be helped.


Q: May the images be used in our program book or for other PR purposes?

A: Definitely YES! We ask that you either include the watermark or if it gets cropped out, do give photo credit to MindWorks Photography (e.g. Photo courtesy of MindWorks Photography, or Photo by MindWorks Photography).


Q: Do you donate images to teams for PR purposes?

A: Not any more. We did for years and found that once the images were "out there" our sales stopped.  We love to support Show Skiing and ski teams - and we do this to make a living. The digital download packages are our compromise. We sell the packages at a ridiculously low price (often a quarter an image or less) so that teams can afford it, then make the images available to everyone including the team's PR interest. In this way we are supported and your needs both as a team and as individuals are too. 


Q: How do I download the images?

A: Download Instructions

  • Start at your gallery.
  • Click on one of the thumbnails to enlarge it
  • In the upper left corner will be a Menu button which will include a link called Download
  • Hover over the Download Link and you'll get 2 options: One downloads just the image you selected and the other downloads all of the images in the folder.