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How We Work

For the good of the order.... Because of the volume of images that we create, most images are published "as is". This means no (or very limited) adjustments to exposure, color or cropping. Fine tuning is done after an image is selected for print purchase. Our "as is" images are good enough to be published here so those minor tweaks just make them a bit better for print and are part of what you pay for when you purchase prints from us. 

At tournaments and competitions we publish in the order skied. When there is a digital pre-order we publish the pre-orders first and then the rest of the teams. The list below provides direct links and serves to let you know where we are in the process. The most recent event is at the top.

New Products

At the start of the 2015 season I added 2 new digital products:

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Chain of Records - we'll be there (Winter Haven, FL) for 3 days [Friday April 3 through Sunday April 5]. This link is to the top level of the record setting events. Galleries by date and event/record will be in this album. Processing will begin on 4/11 (due to travel after the event), so start looking then!

Think Tank - This link is to the top level.  I'll publish each day or event as I can so check here from time to time till it's done.



Adaptive Skiing - new to us this season we were able to photograph Adaptive Water Skiing several times - and LOVE it! Can't get enough. Due to the many events our processing & publishing is behind a little. Check the page often to see what we've added.  http://www.mindworksdreams.com/14adaptive

9/17/2014: Special Announcement from Colsac Skiers and MindWorks Photography! Hint - you won't have to pay for your images and video clips - so please read here to find out more: http://www.mindworksdreams.com/2014-colsac-mindworks-press-release.pdf 

World Water Show Ski Tournament

Teams at the Garden

Opening Ceremony

Day One






Day Two






Closing Ceremony


9/21 I am balancing working on these images with finishing D1 Nationals and several other Show Ski related shoots and handling family emergencies (open heart surgery for my dad and the death of my mom's sister). Stay tuned!

Pre-Show and Non Ski

High Flyers

Hit & Run

Money Makers

Schmick Happens

Post Ski

D1 Nationals


Taylor Christianson - WI *

Riley Beskar - Midwest *

Connie Ross - Central *

Diane Engberg - Southern *

Jacklyn Kumlien - WI *

Madi Schmitz - Midwest 

Madison Buehrle - Central 

Karli Pickney - Southern * 

Kaila Coffey – WI *

Susan Talarico – Western *

Kelley Nemec – Midwest *

Trista Foster – Central 

Kirsten Hannabass – Southern 

Kendall Krieger - WI *

Team Jump 

Mad City Ski Team - WI 

Rock Aqua Jays - WI 

Chippewa Lake - Central 

Badwater Ski-Ters - WI 

Twin Cities River Rats - Midwest 

Backwater Gamblers - Central 

Tommy Bartlett Jump Team - WI 

Wonder Lake - Central 


Kelley Nemec & Patrick Brady - Midwest *

Ellary McLaughlin & Mitchell Buehrle – Central 

Erin Limberg & Kyle Karbouski – WI 

Olivia Yenske & Brock Carlson – Midwest *

Maleah Beggs & Tim Cejka – Central 

Kristen Schroyer & Marty Campbell – WI 

Ally Nelson & Grant Robinson – Midwest *

Kirsten Hannabass & Nick Vickers – Southern *

Hailey Planton & Jon Mohr – WI *

Riley Beskar & Ryan Hoops - Midwest *

Paige & Doug Peshina – Central *

Katrina Sawaska & Clint Gordon – Southern 

Lindsey & Gary Geer – WI *

Kimberly LoGuidice & Cory Krivitz – WI *

Freestyle Jump 

Set One: Jake Horton, Troy Roker, Cody Siolka – WI 

Set Two: Brett Michaud – WI, Dan Shaugnessy – WI, John Kriegl – WI 

Set Three: Cameron Baxter – Central, Samuel Coenen – WI, Patrick Brett

Set Four: Joe Sawaska – WI, Sean Hyatt

Set Five: Arik Lebda – Central, Dan Olson – WI 


Rock Aqua Jays – WI 

Wonder Lake – Central 

Twin Cities River Rats – Midwest *

Aquanuts – WI 

Mad City – WI *

Backwater Gamblers – Central 

Ski Broncs – Central 

Chippewa Lake - Central 

Arch Rivals – Central *

Five Seasons – Midwest 

Muskego Water Bugs – WI *

Badgerland - WI

Webfooters – WI *Waterboard Warriors

Beaverland Must Skis – WI 

D2 Nationals

8/18 - Posting of all individuals and teams and the awards are complete.  Soon I'll create and publish the highlights videos for those who ordered. Thanks for your patience during our very busy season.


  1. Lauren Sheldon
  2. Madison Dattilo
  3. Erin Doolittle

Team Jump

  1. Kwahamots
  2. Hartwick Huskys
  3. Lake City Skiers
  4. Silver Lake


  1. Will Bazeley & Danielle Bazeley
  2. Shawn McLouth & Karissa Ritthaler
  3. Kieran Daniels & Faith Trebiatoski

Freestyle Jump

  1. Set One: Ryan & Ben
  2. Set Two: Steve & Jacob
  3. Set Three: Dustin & Bo

Individual Awards

Hartwick Huskys

Lake City Skiers

Silver Lake



Brown's Lake Aquaducks

Waterboard Warriors

Team Awards

WI State/Regional Water Show Ski Tournament

8/18 - Posting of all individuals and teams and the awards are complete.  Soon I'll create and publish the highlights videos for those who ordered. Thanks for your patience during our very busy season.


R01 Denice & Richard Legois, In nmemory of Lynzay

Y02 Faith Trebiatowski & Kiernan Daniels, Brown's Lake

G03 Jade Libowicz & Mitchell Strauss

B04 Jannina Couch & Jonathan Wieting, Crivitz Ski Cats

P05 Lauren Zaharias & Dan Benz, Rock Aqua Jays

R06 Emma Grulke & Joel Behl, Beaverland Must-Skis

Y07 Lindsey & Gary Geer, Beaverland Must-Skis

G08 Faith & Dave Passehl, Shawano Ski Sharks

B09 Lindsey & Jon Jossie, Crivitz Ski Cats

P10 Danielle & Will Bazeley, Muskego Waterbugs

R11 Jillian Matoska & Justin Spiegelhoff, Brown’s Lake Aquaducks

Y12 Erin Limberg & Kyle Karbouski, Brown’s Lake Aquaducks

G13 Kristin Schroyer & Marty Campbell, Muskego Water Bugs 

B14 Hailey Planton & Jon Mohr, Muskego Water Bugs

P15 Jordyn Jones & Chris Dinse, Waterboard Warriors

R16 Kimberly LoGiudice & Cory Krivitz, Muskego Water Bugs


R01 Roni Staplemann. RAJ

Y02 Erin Doolittle 

 G03 Mackenzie Rhyan,  Lauderdale Aqua Skiers

B04 Pam Ward, Aqua Skiers

P05 Jaclyn Whit, Mad City

R06 Allie Krumrai, Muskego Water Bugs

Y07 Linzy Reinders, Badgerland

G08 Jillian Langer, Ski Cats

B09 Taylor Palmby, Rock Aqua Jays

P10 Jamie Mursau, Ski Cats

R11 Kimberly LoGiudice, Muskego Water Bugs

Y12 Kate Hanne, Plum Ski-Ters

G13 Taylor Christianson, Aqua Skiers

B14 Jacklyn Kumlien, Rock Aqua Jays

P15 Madison Hagemann, Rock Aqua Jays

R16 Kaila Coffey, Aquanuts

Y17 Kendall Krieger, Aquanuts

Team Jump

1. Mad City

2. Chain Skimmers

3. Kwahamots

4. Bartlett's 

5. Rock Aqua Jays

6. Badwater Skiters

Freestyle Jump

Set One: 1. Sam Conen . 2. Joe Sawaska 3. John Kriegel

Set Two: 1. Dan Shawanasee. 2. Brett Michaud 3. Dan Olson

Set Three: 1. Dan Benz. 2. Tyler Descent

Set Four: 1. Jeff Jacobson 2. Cody Siolka

Set Five: Matt May

Division 3

Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers*

Aqua Devils

Chain Skimmers

Twin Bridge

Lauderdale Aqua Skiers*

Chain Skiers

River City

Division 2


Shawano Ski Sharks

Browns Lake Aquaducks*


Waterboard Warriors

Badwater Ski-ters

Plum Ski-ters


Ski Sprites

Division 1

Beaverland Must Skis

Mad City

Rock Aqua Jays


Water Bugs


Aqua Nuts

Chetek Hydroflites

Crivitz Ski Cats

State Awards  Free download to all.  Our Gift!

Central Region Water Show Ski Tournament

Ali Alsup

Jacklyn Snider

Liz Anderson

Emily Kling

Sarah Pierce

Amanda Pierce

Madison Buehrle

Madison Dattilo

Layla Wilhelm

Sophie Dattilo

Connie Ross

Morgan Lee

Megan Rishling

Trista Foster

Doug & Reagan

Tim & Maleah

Kyle & Casey

Shawn & Karissa

Mitchell & Ellary

Matthew & Danielle

Garrett & Kennedy

Kyle & Julia

Matt & Natalie

Dakota & Savannah

Doug & Paige

Cameron Baxter

Troy Roker

David Anderson

Arik Lebda

Patrick Braet

Silver Lake

Wonder Lake

Chippewa Lake

Backwater Gamblers

Flaunt It - 6/28 and 6/29

Mercury Invitational Water Show Ski Tournament - 6/21/2014

Mad City
Wonder Lake
Aqua Nuts
Water Bugs
Back Water Gamblers






DI Nationals - August 9-11

Friday, August 9

  1. Swivel
  2. Doubles
  3. Team Jump
  4. Freestyle Jump

Saturday, August 10

  1. Rock Aqua Jays
  2. Mad City
  3. Waterhawks
  4. Beaverland Must Skis
  5. Wonderlake
  6. Twin City
  7. Arch Rivals
  8. Aquanuts

Sunday, August 11

  1. Backwater Gamblers
  2. Chippewa Lake
  3. Badgerland
  4. Five Seasons
  5. Muskego Water Bugs
  6. Ski Broncs

DII Nationals - August 2-4

Friday, August 2

  1. Swivel
  2. Doubles
  3. Team Jump
  4. Freestyle Jump

Saturday, August 3

  1. Silver Lake Ski Club
  2. Hartwick Huskies
  3. Ski Dox
  4. Badwater Ski-ters
  5. Ski Sprites
  6. Lake City Skiers
  7. Minnieska
  8. Lauderdale Aqua Ski Shows

Sunday, August 4

  1. Kwahamot Ski Club
  2. Chetek Hydro-flites
  3. Plum Ski-ters
  4. Shermalot Show Team
  5. Waterboard Warriors
  6. Crivitz Ski Cats


WI State 3-Event - July 27-28

  • Slalom
  1. ​Male
  2. Female
  • Trick
  1. ​Male
  2. Female

Midwest Barefoot - Day 1 Only, Friday July 26

WI State Water Show Ski Tournament - July 18-21

Thursday July 18

  1. Swivel
  2. Doubles
  3. Team Jump 
  4. Freestyle Jump 
  5. Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers 
  6. Central Wisconsin

Friday July 19

  1. Min-Aqua Bats
  2. Kwahamots
  3. Chain Skiers
  4. Twin Bridge
  5. Chain Skimmers
  6. River City
  7. Shawno Ski Sharks
  8. Plum Ski-ters

Saturday July 20

  1. Lauderdale Aqua Skiers
  2. Crivitz Ski Cats
  3. Waterboard Warriors
  4. Browns Lake Aquaducks
  5. Badwater Ski-ters
  6. Minnieska
  7. Ski Sprites
  8. Aqua Nuts
  9. Mad City

Sunday July 21

  1. Rock Aqua Jays
  2. Webfooters
  3. Badgerland
  4. Water Bugs
  5. Beaverland Must Skis
  6. Shermalot
  7. Chetek Hydroflites

Mercury Invitational Water Show Ski Tournament

Saturday June 22

  1. Wonder Lake
  2. Lauderdale Aqua Skiers
  3. Water Bugs
  4. Five Seasons
  5. Chetek Hydroflites

Sunday June 23

  1. Rock Aqua Jays
  2. Mad City
  3. Badgerland
  4. Aquanuts

Malibou Open Festival Pro Water Ski

Friday June 21

  1. Open Women Slalom Round 1 - http://www.mindworksdreams.com/p1009520715
  2. Open Men Slalom Round 1 - Divided into 4 sets due to quantity of images: http://www.mindworksdreams.com/p41451218http://www.mindworksdreams.com/p131603158http://www.mindworksdreams.com/p1938213, and http://www.mindworksdreams.com/p205046106
  3. Open Men Jump Round 1

Water Bugs 2013 Season - http://www.mindworksdreams.com/2013wb

Aquaducks 2013 Season - http://www.mindworksdreams.com/f899124787

Webfooters Home Show July 2013 - http://www.mindworksdreams.com/f34607707

Min-Aqua Bats Home Show July 17 - http://www.mindworksdreams.com/f408511985